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Lots of Recycling Ideas

I love suggestions like these and I feel you can never have enough suggestions. Please share with others. Click here for the link.

Colours online

Click here for everything about colours.

This is another neat color website.

Here is another great website where they will tell you the HEX #’s. Enter the color’s number on this page and you can see lots of different things regarding the color such as:

– Information
– Conversion
– Schemes
– Alternatives
– Preview
– Shades and Tints
– Tones
– Blindness Simulator

Click here for more options to find the right color such as:

– Examples
– Gradient generator
– Color blender
– Color subtraction
– 216 web safe colors
– Colors by name

Enter the website and grab the colours from here.

Enter a colour on this site to see Combo Colour. I’m not quite sure how I got this colour combination to work. I have found everything by clicking around. I’ve had problems trying to repeat it so good luck but its still a pretty neat website.

Growlers, What are they

I just learned about these. They were like beer bottles that individuals could fill up with beer to take home. Click on the links to learn more about their history.

Bellport Beer


Scrapbooking, Free websites

Here is a free website for you to try. If you come across others that are free, please let me know by forwarding the link especially if you like them. Please note, I haven’t tried the site below; feedback is always welcome. Have fun!

Scrap Book Generator

Crochet, How tos

Video: Crochet Tidy Away Ends & Colour Changes

Changing Colors & Drawing in Yarn Tails As You Go for granny squares

Joining Granny Squares as You Go Not very clear

Basic Beret, part 1

Basic Beret, part 2

Basic Beret, part 3

Basic Beret, part 4

Craft – Corking, French Knitting, Spool Knitter

Click here for the site I just took this book out from my the school’s library and it brought back all sorts of fond childhood memories with excellent instructions on how to make the tool and some pattern ideas. Well worth reading. Here is a link with the book details. I include this link as it could give individuals ideas on practical things (clothes) they could create with a simple tool, they could also make with things they have at home, and some leftover yarn.