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Pool parasite: Swimmers urged to take simple steps to avoid Cryptosporidium

Cryptosporidium has not been killed by chlorine for a long time. Since 2007, Vancouver Island Health Authority has mandated that all new water supply systems, which include a surface water source will need to be in compliance to provide 2 treatment processes acceptable to VIHA, achieve a 4-log removal/inactivation of viruses and 3-log removal/inactivation of parasites, and produce a finished water with less than 1 NTU turbidity.

I feel the solutions recommended for Small Water Suppliers should be standard for everyone across Canada not just for small water suppliersCanadian distribution systems leakage rates range from 5 to 50%; this is why I’m not keen on promoting centralized water treatment systems to treat basic drinking water contaminants.

I would rather our water treatment providers recommended Point of Entry (POE) systems on our homes which are far more economical to treat our drinking water and have centralized water treatment systems focus on more complicated and climate change contaminants which will be very costly. Like Toledo’s eight-phase treatment process that wasn’t able to prevent their drinking water from being contaminated by an algae bloom and toxins. The 2012 Canadian Infrastructure Report Card estimates infrastructure replacement costs to be $171.8 billion nationally or $13,813 per Canadian household (for municipal roads $91.1 billion, wastewater infrastructure $39 billion, drinking-water infrastructure $25.9 billion, and stormwater management systems $15.8 billion).

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Filtering pool water and adding chlorine, salt and other disinfectants will usually control harmful germs. But hardy Crypto can survive more than a week in properly treated water, the CDC says.

Eight players in Iran’s women’s soccer team are men

Click here to read the full story. I find this unusual due to men and women must lead very different lives in Iran especially if they’re not married so I’m not sure how Iran can condone this.

Sex change operations legal in Iran but still perilous

Life is a little more complicated, I feel, than just getting a sex change operation and it might have devastating impacts if that is not what the individuals truly wants. Click here to read the full story.

Christy Clark would still face tough road, even if seat flips in her favour

Wow! I had no idea a Canadian election was won by 1 vote! I love the hashtag #uMatterVote. Every vote counts and can either form a majority or minority government. Click here to read the full article or an excerpt below.


Perhaps the best learning example for B.C. legislators is from 1921 in Ottawa.

William Lyon Mackenzie King won the federal election by one vote, holding onto 118 seats for his Liberals, while the Conservatives and the then new Progressive Party had 117 seats combined.

The Best Exercise for Aging Muscles

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A study published this month in Cell Metabolism, however, suggests that certain sorts of workouts may undo some of what the years can do to our mitochondria.

Exercise is good for people, as everyone knows. But scientists have surprisingly little understanding of its cellular impacts and how those might vary by activity and the age of the exerciser.

So researchers at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minn., recently conducted an experiment on the cells of 72 healthy but sedentary men and women who were 30 or younger or older than 64. After baseline measures were established for their aerobic fitness, their blood-sugar levels and the gene activity and mitochondrial health in their muscle cells, the volunteers were randomly assigned to a particular exercise regimen.

Some of them did vigorous weight training several times a week; some did brief interval training three times a week on stationary bicycles (pedaling hard for four minutes, resting for three and then repeating that sequence three more times); some rode stationary bikes at a moderate pace for 30 minutes a few times a week and lifted weights lightly on other days. A fourth group, the control, did not exercise.

After 12 weeks, the lab tests were repeated. In general, everyone experienced improvements in fitness and an ability to regulate blood sugar.

There were some unsurprising differences: The gains in muscle mass and strength were greater for those who exercised only with weights, while interval training had the strongest influence on endurance.

But more unexpected results were found in the biopsied muscle cells. Among the younger subjects who went through interval training, the activity levels had changed in 274 genes, compared with 170 genes for those who exercised more moderately and 74 for the weight lifters. Among the older cohort, almost 400 genes were working differently now, compared with 33 for the weight lifters and only 19 for the moderate exercisers.

Many of these affected genes, especially in the cells of the interval trainers, are believed to influence the ability of mitochondria to produce energy for muscle cells; the subjects who did the interval workouts showed increases in the number and health of their mitochondria — an impact that was particularly pronounced among the older cyclists.

It seems as if the decline in the cellular health of muscles associated with aging was “corrected” with exercise, especially if it was intense, says Dr. Sreekumaran Nair, a professor of medicine and an endocrinologist at the Mayo Clinic and the study’s senior author. In fact, older people’s cells responded in some ways more robustly to intense exercise than the cells of the young did — suggesting, he says, that it is never too late to benefit from exercise.

Put your baby to sleep in a cardboard box? A Finnish idea is winning converts in North America

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Michael Lea The Whig-Standard Postmedia Network


In Finland, all families are given baby boxes – or cash grants if they prefer – as long as the mother is receiving prenatal care. The country’s infant mortality rate decreased from 65 deaths for each 1,000 children born in 1938 to an estimated 2.5 deaths per 1,000 births in 2016, less than half the U.S. rate of 5.8.

The program, enacted in 1937, was initially meant for low-income mothers. The Finnish government was looking for a way to better support babies and families when the child mortality rate was high and the birthrate had dropped, said Kiti Laitinen, coordinator of family benefits at Finland’s social services institution, known as Kela. The baby boxes not only provided material support but also helped connect families with health care and social services.

Parent Support Services Society of BC, About

Click on the links for Resources, Grandparents Raising GrandchildrenFacebook, or their Home page to learn more or read an excerpt below. They are an invaluable family resource. Please share.


GRG Support Line

If you’re a grandparent or other relative raising a family member’s child, you can get information and advice from the Grandparents Raising Grandchildren (GRG) Support Line to:

  • deal with complex services systems such as the Ministry of Children and Family Development,
  • find the answers, assistance, and resources you need to prevent or solve problems, and
  • learn about benefits and services that will support your whole family.

The GRG Support Line is staffed by two part-time advocates trained in advocacy, social work, family law, and government services related to kinship caregiving.

Contact the GRG Support Line:

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

At other times, you can leave a voicemail message or send an email, which will be returned promptly.