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Governments can’t look the other way on rights, says Goodale

I don’t believe everyone has rights in Canada except children. I find Canadian governments don’t do well honouring children’s rights. Click here to read the full article or an excerpt below.


When asked how he would respond to his constituents in Saskatchewan who may not approve of the settlement, Goodale said the decision came down the government respecting the rights of its citizens.

“If you go back to John Diefenbaker’s Bill of Rights, it says no matter who the Canadian citizen is, certain rights are guaranteed when they are in the legal process,” he said. “If you violate those standards, and the government looks the other way, then you get on a slippery slope of governments determining whose rights should be respected and whose rights should not be.”


10 Ways to Tell if You’re Being Gaslighted

Click here to read the full article or an excerpt below or watch the 1940  video.


Gaslighting is now recognized as psychological abuse whereby a perpetrator manipulates a victim into doubting his or her own sanity or reality.

It’s not usually LITERALLY believing that you are going insane but rather doubting your version of reality. You do feel confused a lot of the time and have a lot of self-doubt.

Gaslighting can take many forms but it is a twisting of reality that turns a person into a true victim. It’s about second guessing yourself or getting so far from reality that you don’t guess it at all, you just accept someone else’s interpretation of reality.  It’s an experience that happens to many who are involved with very dysfunctional or personality disordered people. The perpetrators are most likely sociopaths or narcissists.


Gaslight (1940 film)

Published on Aug 15, 2016

This upload, is a part of my blog post on “Gaslighting”… -Dice

Gaslight – (The Murder in Thornton Square)…

Adapted from Patrick Hamilton’s (1938) play – Gas Light. About a woman whose husband slowly manipulates her into believing that she is going insane.

Gaslight is a (1940) British film directed by Thorold Dickinson which stars Anton Walbrook and Diana Wynyard, and features Frank Pettingell. The film adheres more closely to the original play upon which it is based – Patrick Hamilton’s Gas Light (1938) – than the better-known (1944) MGM adaptation. The play had been shown on Broadway as Angel Street, so when the film was released in the United States it was given the same name.

The (1944) version was directed by George Cukor and starred Ingrid Bergman, Charles Boyer, Joseph Cotten, and 18-year-old Angela Lansbury in her screen debut. Gaslight had a larger scale and budget than the earlier film, and lends a different feel to the material. To avoid confusion with the first film, this version was originally given the title The Murder in Thornton Square in the UK.




Summer Recipe: How to Make An Algal Bloom

Click here or on the pdf file to read the full article or an excerpt below.



Paerl’s understanding extends far beyond the borders of North Carolina, including his extensive and ongoing work in China. From that global perspective, a trend has emerged.

“Things have gotten more extreme in the last 30 to 40 years,” Paerl said, adding that the ingredients are in place for a potentially significant increase in blooms during the next 20 to 30 years.

Florida in 2016 experienced massive algal blooms along the state’s Treasure Coast, Everglades and Lake Okeechobee, prompting the governor there to announce states of emergency. The American Civil Liberties Union said state officials did too little to warn the public of the associated health risks.

In China, repeated blue-green algal blooms on Lake Taihu have imperiled the drinking water supply for 12 million people.

“We have to get ahead of this before it gets to something like they have in Florida or China. We really don’t want what they have in China,” Paerl said.



Chinese Scientists Just Set the Record for the Farthest Quantum Teleportation

I’m still thinking “beam me up Scotty.” Click here to read the full article.

Ontario Power Generation’s latest report on its proposed nuclear waste chamber near Lake Huron focuses on science and geology, which leaves a lot of issues unaddressed

Not a wise decision to approve as there are too many unknowns and huge risks if they get it wrong. Just because the Ontario Power Generation (OPG) has a community willing to take the waste doesn’t mean it’s a good spot to put it. Click here to read the full article or the pdf file to learn more.

Facts About Pangaea, Ancient Supercontinent

It’s obvious that things are changing for one reason or another. I sometimes wonder if we’re headed back to one continent or what and how long it will take until we know? Click here to read the full article.




The current configuration of continents is unlikely to be the last. Supercontinents have formed several times in Earth’s history, only to be split off into new continents. Right now for instance, Australia is inching toward Asia, and the eastern portion of Africa is slowly peeling off from the rest of the continent.

Geologists have noticed that there is a quasi-regular cycle in which supercontinents form and break up every 300 to 400 million years, but exactly why is a mystery, Murphy said. But most scientists believe that the supercontinent cycle is largely driven by circulation dynamics in the mantle, according to a 2010 article in the Journal of Geodynamics.