This is shocking that hearsay information can be used against parents in a court of law. I have never heard of this before. Click here or on the pdf file to read the full act or read an excerpt below..


Court may exclude child and decide how child’s evidence is received

67  At a hearing under this Act, the court may, having regard to the child’s best interests, do one or more of the following:

(a) exclude the child from the courtroom, despite the Provincial Court Act;

(b) admit any hearsay evidence of the child that it considers reliable;

(c) give any other direction concerning the receipt of the child’s evidence that it considers just.

Evidence of others

68  (1) Before ordering that a child be placed in or returned to the custody of a person other than a director, the court may consider the person’s past conduct toward any child who is or was in that person’s care.

(2) In a proceeding under this Act, the court may admit as evidence

(a) any hearsay evidence that the court considers reliable, or

(b) any oral or written statement or report the court considers relevant, including a transcript, exhibit or finding in an earlier civil or criminal proceeding.

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