Intersecting Challenges: Mothers and Child Protection Law in BC

This study is shocking! Imagine having your child apprehended by Child Protection Services and adopted because life has dealt a blow to a parent and the parent asks for help. Instead of blaming the parent, departments meant to protect children should advocate for changes to improve social problems to help families. “Once a CCO [continuing custody order] is granted, the [MCFD] Director becomes the sole personal guardian of the child and may consent to the child’s adoption.53” This is a repeat of the Residential School fiasco that Canada is finally coming to grips with; any similar actions like this need to stop because it is setting children, families, and Canadians up for disaster now and for generations that follow. Click here or on the pdf file to read the full article or an excerpt below.

Overall, our findings support the recommendations of others 236 that better child
protection practices and outcomes cannot be accomplished simply through legislative changes, but also require the resolution of social problems that have been named many times: addressing women’s and children’s poverty; providing necessary services for survivors of abuse and people with disabilities; dealing with Aboriginal claims for self-determination. We also urge that courts be given more power under the CFCSA to order that additional services be provided to support parents. A judge should not be permitted to order a CCO until he or she is confident that all support options have been exhausted. Recognizing the difficult decisions that must often be made in these cases, we would urge that judges do whatever remains in their power to ensure that, where possible, children remain in the care of their mothers.

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