You’ll need a strong stomach to look at the “fatberg” that came out of a Belfast sewer

This is definitely too much information (tmi). Have you thrown anything weird down the toilet or sewer? Click here to watch a video, read the full article or an excerpt below.




‘Fatberg’ is the term used by authorities to describe the buildup of fat, oil and grease (FOG), as well as other waste people should not dispose of in their sinks and toilets. Improper disposal of waste in businesses and homes results in the formation of these large solidified deposits.

So far Northern Ireland Water (NIW) has removed a “couple of hundred tons” of waste since works began with many more tons expected to follow. NIW crews have been working tirelessly on removing the ‘fatberg’ using shovels and hoses to try and break up the material.

In the past two years NIW Networks has spent over £5bn ($6.5bn) clearing blockages, with 75 – 80 percent of the problems caused by FOG and other items like baby wipes and tampons.Gavin McCready, NIW Networks Sewerage Manager, has urged local residents and businesses to use proper methods of waste disposal like grease traps or the problem could become much worse.



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