Pool parasite: Swimmers urged to take simple steps to avoid Cryptosporidium

Cryptosporidium has not been killed by chlorine for a long time. Since 2007, Vancouver Island Health Authority has mandated that all new water supply systems, which include a surface water source will need to be in compliance to provide 2 treatment processes acceptable to VIHA, achieve a 4-log removal/inactivation of viruses and 3-log removal/inactivation of parasites, and produce a finished water with less than 1 NTU turbidity.

I feel the solutions recommended for Small Water Suppliers should be standard for everyone across Canada not just for small water suppliersCanadian distribution systems leakage rates range from 5 to 50%; this is why I’m not keen on promoting centralized water treatment systems to treat basic drinking water contaminants.

I would rather our water treatment providers recommended Point of Entry (POE) systems on our homes which are far more economical to treat our drinking water and have centralized water treatment systems focus on more complicated and climate change contaminants which will be very costly. Like Toledo’s eight-phase treatment process that wasn’t able to prevent their drinking water from being contaminated by an algae bloom and toxins. The 2012 Canadian Infrastructure Report Card estimates infrastructure replacement costs to be $171.8 billion nationally or $13,813 per Canadian household (for municipal roads $91.1 billion, wastewater infrastructure $39 billion, drinking-water infrastructure $25.9 billion, and stormwater management systems $15.8 billion).

Click here to read the full article or an excerpt below.


Filtering pool water and adding chlorine, salt and other disinfectants will usually control harmful germs. But hardy Crypto can survive more than a week in properly treated water, the CDC says.


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