The Carpet and Rug Institute

Do you really value the certification provided by these entities? How much do you trust them if they charge companies dues to get their seal of approval? How do you feel about products from companies that don’t pay these companies?

What about the asthma & allergy friendly™ Certification Program or Product Certification? What is the difference between them? What if a product has a different certification but at least it is 3rd party certified… is it any less deserving in your opinion?

I wanted to recommend a product to a health authority that had been 3rd party certified but the health authority wouldn’t bite and the 30-year history of the manufacturer wasn’t interested in getting the certification wanted by the health authority. Are these guys any less deserving to have their products seriously considered by the health authorities? Does that mean a system isn’t valid because they haven’t been certified … with technology changing so quickly is certification keeping up? With all the bias and vest interests it was hard to determine who was really neutral and what was best for the common good. Seems to me we should be worried about trying to keep our infrastructure costs low currently estimated at $13,813 per Canadian household by the Canadian Infrastructure Report Card in 2012 or they will go through the roof for every little thing! Interested in your thoughts. Click here to learn more or go to the CRI Home page.


CRI 001.jpg


CRI 002




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