Changes to address tenancy concerns and support rent-geared-to-income

The Residential Tenancy Act does not apply to living accommodation provided for emergency shelter or transitional housing. Transitional housing means living accommodation that is provided on a temporary basis, by a person or organization that receives funding from a local government or the government of British Columbia or of Canada for the purpose of providing that accommodation, and together with programs intended to assist tenants to become better able to live independently.

This policy leaves individuals in subsidized transitional housing vulnerable to all kinds of abuse that would normally be addressed by the Residential Tenancy Branch. Learn more about the Residential Tenancy Act, RESIDENTIAL TENANCY REGULATION. Click here for the source of the news or an excerpt below.


December 12, 2016

Changes to the Residential Tenancy Regulation (pdf file) (External Link) address concerns raised by landlords and tenants.  The changes provide a definition of transitional housing and give housing providers greater ability to ensure safety and security for tenants and staff.  The Regulation changes also allow for the continued and expanded use of rent-geared-to-income housing.
The specific Regulation changes are described below:
  • Section 1 (pdf file) (External Link) is amended to provide a definition of transitional housing that clarifies what kind of housing is considered “transitional” and therefore excluded from the Residential Tenancy Act’s jurisdiction.
  • Section 2 (pdf file) (External Link) is amended to allow existing rent-geared-to-income housing programs to continue after their operating agreements expire, and to allow new rent-geared-to-income housing to be operated under agreements with municipalities or districts.
  • Section 9 of the Schedule (pdf file) (External Link) is amended to support housing providers who serve at-risk populations by providing landlords the authority to make reasonable restrictions on guests’ use of common areas of rental property.  This change also addresses concerns raised by tenants.

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