Comox Lake Water Treatment Options

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The results of this project were focused on the components necessary to meet the treatment requirements set out by the Vancouver Island Health Authority. This includes:

  1. Water supply from Comox Lake – a new intake within Comox Lake or potentially on the Puntledge River, sized for a 50-year design life and projected flow rates to service the communities that participate in the CVRD water service function.
  2. Conveyance from intake to water treatment plant (WTP) – a new pumping station will be needed near the intake location, lifting water to a pipeline that runs between the intake and the WTP.
  3. Water Treatment Plant (WTP) – a new WTP must include filtration and disinfection. This must be sized to meet at least the existing maximum day demand (summer flows) but with turn-down to average winter day demand. The facility also will include facilities for treated water storage, and space for management of water treatment residuals.
  4. Treated water pipeline – a new treated water pipeline will be required from the WTP to the water distribution system.

 Water Treatment Options Study Results

All documents pertaining to the water treatment option study results can be located here. The files are placed on this FTP site starting with the Project Definition Report (PDR) through to the Technical Memorandum’s (TM 1-4) for review.

Financing Strategy & Details

The cost estimate for the project is $105 million and includes these components:

Project Component Estimated Cost*
Deep water lake intake near the existing deep water sampling station sized for full system buildout to 2069 $11.0M
Raw water pumping station located on the lake shore sized for easy expandability for full system buildout to 2069 $10.7M
Conveyance of raw water from the pump station to a WTP located on or near Site A near the intersection of Bevan Road and Lake Trail Road $11.8M
Direct filtration and UV disinfection of the raw lake water and discharge to a clear well on the WTP site, located at the optimal elevation to maximum gravity distribution of water throughout the CVWS $47.1M
Conveyance of treated water down the BC Hydro penstock right of way to tie into the CVWS near the existing chlorination station $25.2M
Total Project Costs: $105M

* Cost estimates developed to Class B or +/- 20% accuracy

To minimize the financial impact of this project on system users, grant funding opportunities are being identified and pursued. The extent of senior government funding received will determine the magnitude of rate increases to users. Increases to the annual user rates would vary across jurisdictions and are more fully explained through the September 6, 2016 staff report.


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