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Single women in the Comox Valley, and their children are in desperate need of safe and supportive Second Stage Transitional Housing. It is the intention of the Society to move steadfastly in this direction until this project has been realized. CVTS envisions a 32 unit apartment building built to LEED Gold Standard. The building would include a mix of studio and one, two, three and four bedroom apartments. This configuration of space is appropriate for the mix of women and children who will reside there. There will be community meeting space, and amenity kitchen, play areas for children and office and service delivery space. The location must be close to schools and shopping and other services, close to town or at a minimum on a bus route. It is our intention to design, construct and operate a building that will help to facilitate a strong sense of community and social inclusion. Our plan is to acquire suitable land on which to construct this building. Once we have established a site, we will leverage the assets we currently have, as well as seek further government and community support, to construct and operate the facility.


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