PORTLAND PUBLIC SCHOOLS – District-Wide Parent/Family Advisory Committees

I think the different committees for parents are a great idea. But even better with long term benefits, Portland has a Superintendent’s Student Advisory Council (SuperSAC) where each high school shall have a representative SuperSAC. “Each year, SuperSAC elects a student to serve as the Student Representative on the Board of Education.” SuperSAC “has taken on issues as varied as class size, arts programs, state school funding, alcohol policies, and commercialism in the schools.” These are great opportunities to teach everyone about and the benefits of democracy! Click here to learn more about them. I’ve listed the committees below along with more information for my favourite one.


Special Education Advisory Council (SPEAC)

The English Language Learner Advisory Council

ESL Parent Advisory Council (PAC)

TAG Advisory Council

District Parent Advisory Committee (DPAC) – Title I-A

District Parent Involvement Committee (DPIC)

Superintendent’s Advisory Committee on Enrollment and Transfer (SACET)

Migrant Parent Advisory Council (MPAC) – Title I-C

District-wide Boundary Review Advisory Committee (D-BRAC)

Special Education Advisory Council (SPEAC)

SPEAC is a council for parents of special education students. Its function is to review current issues and events in the SPED community, discuss and come up with an action plan before conferring with the Director of Special Education regarding policies, procedures and practices. The Council also organizes issues of priority to advise the School Board. Collaborating to promote the understanding, respect, support and inclusion of children receiving special education services in the Portland Public School District.

SPEAC membership represents the broad array of families and disabilities in special education. The majority of Council members are family members of special education students. Council members are appointed by the Special Education Director.

For more information on meetings, events and advocacy support please contact the Special Education Family and Community Coordinator, Noelle Sisk at nsisk@pps.net or call 503-916-3723.

Parent Educator Connections is an additional group and has meetings throughout the school year. Please join us for informational evenings provided to support parents in having positive engagement with their school!

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