Taking stock: community engagement for student success, BC School Trustee Association (BCSTA)

I love this document and feel the part that doesn’t happen often with school district parents is Consultation. True consultation is so important with all partner groups including parents! Click here to read the full article or an excerpt below.



• is not the same as ‘negotiation’. Negotiation implies a process that arrives at agreement. Consultation can occur without agreement on the outcome.

• is often about plans that are sketched out but not yet fully developed or decided upon.

• includes listening to what others have to say and considering the responses.

• must be genuine and not a sham.

• requires enough time.

• requires enough information to enable people to adequately process information with a goal of offering intelligent and useful responses.

• means keeping an open mind and being ready to change and even start afresh, even if there is a work plan already in place.

*Excerpted from the Consultation Guidelines, Ministry of Health, New Zealand



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