How rich elites took over BC…and the Liberals welcomed them

This, is what is wrong in BC and cannot change fast enough. It is destroying BC. Please share everywhere. Be sure to read the comments for additional scathing comments about the BC media. Click here or on the pdf file to read the full article or an excerpt below.


“Banning corporate and union donations
After the provincial legislature resumes sitting, on February 14, NDP Leader John Horgan will bring forward a private members’ bill to ban union and corporate donations and limit the amount private individuals can contribute.

This is the seventh time his party has brought a bill of this kind forward. For obvious reasons, they do not expect much support from the Liberal side of the House.

“There are two models. One is where you only permit limited donations from individuals and the other is where you have public funding on a per vote basis. Every vote you get, for example, would result in a 30 cent contribution from the public purse,” said Eby.

“The BC NDP support the model of limited personal donations, not a public funding model. I think that strikes the right balance. You still have to get out there and people have to want to support you, but it also sets limits to your political contributions.”

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