Super SAC (Superintendent’s Student Advisory Council) and PPS Student Union

This is definitely best practices and provides the perfect opportunity to teach students about and the benefits of democracy! Click here for the source of the information or read more below.


SuperSAC – The Superintendent’s Student Advisory Council is a council of students from across the District. Each high school shall have a representative SuperSAC. SuperSAC has taken on issues as varied as class size, arts programs, state school funding, alcohol policies, and commercialism in the schools. Each year, SuperSAC elects a student to serve as the Student Representative on the Board of Education

The current Student Representative, Aliemah Bradley, was elected as the student representative on the Portland Public Schools Board in May 2016.

In addition to attending Board meetings, Bradley coordinates the Superintendent’s Student Advisory Committee (SuperSAC) and PPS Student Union meetings to gather students’ input and reflection concerning their PPS experience


Additional Information:

Student Representative Policy or the pdf file

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