This is what we need! A parent’s union. Never, ever thought I would be saying that. Perhaps we have been using the wrong language … everyone in education understands what a union is and how it works. Love it! Exactly, parents and teachers working together and we stop the divide and conquer tactics used by soooooo many governments. Click here to learn more or read an excerpt below.


We are the FAMILIES fed up with the racism, push out,  so called achievement gap and exclusion within our education institutions.

We are families who will demand our rights for our children to get the education they deserve. We will take our place as experts of our children back. We will model the strength and tenacity of a strong father/mother/grandparent/guardian who does not give up.

These are our children- pushed out  excluded, labeled, profiled, hurting and marginalized… Some have no hope. Through our efforts we will restore that hope.

We will do this with our love, support, education, engagement, mentoring and sometimes even with tough love.

We will take full responsibility along with accountability to galvanize, organize, and strategize the families.

Our goal is to rejuvenate our Family community/families through diverse methods as mentioned above.

Our Vision is to see transformed quality of life within our school communities. Our families will be whole again and the achievement gap closed.



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