Housing characteristics, reported mold exposure, and asthma in the European Community Respiratory Health Survey

Health Canada states “particulate matter PM10 and particularly PM2.5 are considered to be “toxic” as defined in Section 64 of the Canadian Environmental Protection Act, 1999 (CEPA 1999).WHO Europe states “PM in the size between 0.1 μm and 1 μm can stay in the atmosphere for days or weeks and thus can be transported over long distances in the atmosphere (up to thousands of kilometres). The coarse particles are more easily deposited and typically travel less than 10 km from their place of generation. However, dust storms may transport coarse mineral dust for over 1000 km. Common air pollutants in BC.  Learn more about particulate sizes from the Engineering Toolbox. Click here to read the study or an excerpt below.


Conclusion Carpeting provides a soft surface that can reduce slips, which in turn can help to reduce the severity of injuries from falls. Carpeting absorbs noise; however, carpets also trap dirt, pet dander, pollen, pesticides, lead-dust, food, moisture, and can harbor pests associated with asthma, such as cockroaches and dust mites.46, 47 These contaminants can be re-released into the home environment, especially when vacuuming with a low-quality vacuum, when carpeting is removed, when a child is playing on it, or when it is otherwise disturbed.48, 49, 50

Some types of hard flooring are easier to clean and are likely to accumulate less dust, yet may also contain certain plasticizers (phthalates), which have been linked to asthma and disruption of endocrine function. In high traffic areas and heavy use homes, carpet may need replacement every five to seven years. As such, although carpet may be less expensive initially, it may be more expensive to maintain over time. Carpet is typically not recommended for individuals with asthma or allergies. However, if carpet cannot be replaced, careful cleaning can reduce the risks from allergens, asthma triggers, and other contaminants.



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