Saren Azer speaks out one year after allegedly abducting his children

The interview when Saren said “I am not missing, my children are not missing – Interpol knows where we live,” confirmed all my fears since 2008 for the safety of my children and the reality our children’s rights are compromised in Canada. It was another sad day for me. Canada and Interpol had completely failed the Azer children, our children, Canadian children just like it had failed my brother and me when my father internationally abducted us when I was 4 and my brother was 1. I am lucky that I still have my children with me in Canada but we paid severely in other ways when I lost our home and assets through the lack of laws protecting Canadians married to transnationals where spouses can avoid Canadian laws by fleeing Canada. The lack of laws and rights will change who we are as Canadians; I know its changed me, forever. Sadly. We need to fight to protect the rights of our children, our most vulnerable and valuable citizens of Canada, and our future. Click here to watch the video of the children and read the full article or an excerpt below.


It was a year ago on Sunday that a Courtenay, B.C. mother, Alison Azar, got the shocking news her four young children had been taken by their father to the Middle East.

The abduction came after a long and bitter custody battle with her ex-husband, Saren Azer, a Kurdish-Canadian doctor.

But Saren said life is normal in Iran with his four children, of whom the eldest – Sharvahn – has just turned 12.

“They are doing great really, emotionally very healthy and have adjusted really well. They are not the children that they were a year ago,” Saren told Global News in an exclusive interview.

He said the children are happy to be away from what he has called the “nightmare” of a three-year custody fight in Canada.

Saren said he invited the children’s mother to spend time with them in northern Iran.

“If she ever wants to be part of the children’s life, I absolutely have no objection. She’s more than welcome to come,” he said.

But Prime Minister Justin Trudeau insists that the government is doing everything it can.

“We have put diplomatic pressure directly and through intercedents; we have worked very closely, the RCMP with Interpol,” Trudeau said during a press conference from his cabinet’s retreat in Subdury on Monday.

“This is an unimaginable situation for any parent to be put through…and we are working very, very hard to ensure that the Azer children are returned to their mother,” Trudeau added.

Currently, there is a warrant out for Saren’s arrest on abduction charges, but during his interview with Global News, the father insisted authorities were over-reacting to his case.

“I am not missing, my children are not missing – Interpol knows where we live,” Saren said.

Earlier this summer, an Iranian judge ruled Saren had not committed a crime under the country’s laws.

“No regrets. I would do it again if I had to, for the well-being of my children and for a better future for them,” Saren added.



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