Donald Trump’s policies in seven charts, as he prepares for his inauguration

I feel this is a good article based on what we think we know about DT`s plans when he becomes President of the U.S.A. Of course, who really knows with all the contradictions made. I recommend going to the source of the document and clicking on the graphics as they provide you with the statistic for each year along the chart. Click here or on the pdf file to read the full article. I have listed the subheadings below.


Trump aims to tackle immigration, which has remained steady for Obama’s term

Employment is increasing but Trump may try to boost more valued jobs

Climate change policy will face a u-turn

Obamacare will be replaced – just as the uninsured rate is falling

Hardline foreign policy may lead to even more nukes

Tax is likely to be slashed after two decades of consistent corporate tax

An anti-establishment movement underpins it all



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