BC Healthy Kids Program

Everyone should qualify for this support because it is more cost effective than if individuals continue to fall through the cracks incurring painful dental problems and have to resort to using pain medications and end up addicted to them. Click here or on the pdf file to learn more or read an excerpt below.


What is the BC Healthy Kids Program?

The BC Healthy Kids Program helps low income families with the costs of basic dental care and prescription eye wear for their children.

Eligible clients include dependent children under 19 years of age who receive Medical Services Plan (MSP) premium assistance through the Ministry of Health.

What does the BC Healthy Kids Program cover?

Dental – Children are eligible for $1400 of basic dental services every two years. This coverage includes services such as exams, x-rays, fillings, cleanings and extractions. Your dentist can advise you of other services that may be covered. Emergency dental treatment is also available if the child’s biennial limit has been reached. Emergency treatment is only available for the immediate relief of pain.

Optical – Children are eligible for prescription eyeglasses (lenses and basic frames) once in a twelve-month period. All prescriptions must be current and meet the program criteria. Further information is available from your optical provider. Children’s eye examinations are covered by MSP.

The BC Healthy Kids Program does not cover orthodontic treatment and/or contact lenses.




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