B.C. couple combine last names to create new legal married name

I learned the options I had about my name when I got married. I was surprised and so were others when I told them. Click here to read the full story or an excerpt below.


Rather than hyphenate or take the other’s name, Kristine Gick and Jason Wagner are now known as the Wickners


Born Kristine Gick and Jason Wagner, this Salmon Arm couple mashed up their last names to create a brand new one: Wickner.


When you get married, you have a few options with respect to your last name. You can take your spouse’s; you can hyphenate; and of course, you can keep it as is.

Or, you can mash your last names together to create an entirely new one.

Kristine Gick and Jason Wagner, from Salmon Arm, B.C., have done just that. Once the paperwork goes through, they’ll officially be known as Kristine and Jason Wickner.

Unlike taking or hyphenating a name at marriage, the process for such a name change involves several steps — and fees — from various government agencies.

In addition to forms filed with B.C.’s Vital Statistics Agency, a name change also requires fingerprinting by the RCMP. For other things, like driver’s licenses and passports, the issuing agencies each have different procedures that must be completed to reflect the change.


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