Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies

What a concept …. basing policies, management decisions, and education curricula on unbiased scientific information. Click here for their home page and here for their lecture videos. Their priorities are: Freshwater Health, Infectious Diseases, Biogeochemistry, Invasive Species, Climate Change, and Outreach & Education.


Who We Are

The world is a changing place. Interactions among the air, water, soil, plants, and animals around us are changing in complex ways that profoundly affect environmental quality, human health, and economic activity. The ecosystem approach is the most powerful method for analyzing environmental change.

Founded in 1983 by the eminent ecologist Dr. Gene E. Likens, the Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies is a world-renowned leader in applying the ecosystem approach to some of society’s most pressing problems, from the quantity and quality of freshwater resources to the health of our forests. The unbiased scientific information produced by our scientists is essential to sound environmental policy, management decisions, and education curricula.

The Cary Institute is one of the largest ecological programs in the world. More important than its size, however, is the quality of its output. Books and articles authored by Cary Institute ecologists influence scientists and policy makers. Cary Institute-generated curricula are building essential bridges between ecological thinking and classroom instruction. Conferences and workshops held onsite encourage dialogue and information exchange.

Globally relevant, Cary Institute research is truly science in the service of society. A society that understands and appreciates ecological systems is much more likely to protect them for future generations.


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