Lifting the lid on MLA spending secrecy

Do these people not realize we pay their salaries. Why are children, single parents, seniors, and disabled living in poverty while our employees live like kings. Click here to read the full article, especially the chart at the bottom which allows you to view the Total MLA Travel Expenses AND by Expense Type, Apr. 1 – Dec. 31, 2013. Its an amazing graphic, be sure to click around to see the details.



MLA pay and perks:A breakdown of what MLAs get on the job

$101,859: a year for base salary.

$119,000: a year to run a constituency office

$12,000 to $19,000: A housing allowance of $1,000 a month with no requirement for receipts; OR up to $19,000 a year toward renting or owning a home or condo with receipts or paid directly to the landlord; OR up to $17,000 a year for hotels supported by receipts. The allowance also can be used for furniture rental, utilities, parking, insurance and strata fees. The idea is that MLAs incur extra housing expenses when they have to work in Victoria.

$61: Daily per diem for food, no receipts required, while in Victoria or working outside a constituency.

In-constituency travel: Ranges from $3,190 for urban ridings to $11,580 for coastal/remote ridings so MLAs can travel to community events. A travel budget ranging from nothing in some urban ridings to $3,860 a year for coastal/remote ridings for the MLA’s constituency assistant.

Other travel: Unlimited out of province and country travel for trips approved by the Speaker. Twelve “accompanying person” paid travel trips for family or staff a year.An MLA travel credit card with a monthly limit of $15,000.

Moving on: A “gold plated” pension plan where taxpayers pay $4 for every $1 an MLA contributes, estimates the Canadian Taxpayers Federation. There are also health and dental plans.Up to 15 months salary ($127,324) in a transitional allowance for MLAs who decide not to run or who are defeated in an election.Career counselling, education and training for former MLAs up to $9,000 with receipts, at the discretion of the Speaker.


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