SD69 Qualicum Priorities

Another school district uses Thoughtexchange to learn what the top priorities are in their schools and district. Click here to read the full report.


This spring our school community took part in an online engagement process. We’ve reviewed the thoughts and priorities generated by that process and now want to share the results with you. Click below to learn about the top priorities in our schools and the top priorities for the district.

Sir Ken Robinson recently shared the following perspective as part of a TED Talk, ‘Part of education is learning. And what drives learning is curiosity and collaboration’. I am proud to be part of a learning community that remains reflective and curious about the work we do each day with students in our community. Use of the Thoughtexchange platform has allowed District leadership to engage with our students, staff, parents and the broader community regularly and efficiently. We value the perspectives of all who have a stake in the public education system in our community and seek to learn from those perspectives as we chart our course forward in a time of unprecedented change and transformation in the system – it helps to keep us grounded and focused in our work.

Rollie Koop,

Superintendent of Schools


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