Why does The Arizona Republic make endorsements?

I wish we heard from more editorial boards; I am disappointed in the news organizations we have today because I don’t feel they are doing their jobs at least not like they used to. In the old days, we knew the values behind a journalist and today we do not. Click here to read the full article or an excerpt below.


Why does The Arizona Republic endorse candidates?

No matter who we endorse, we’re bound to upset someone. Especially in these times, when partisanship runs high and society is more polarized than ever.

Why run the risk of offending people?

Because it’s a key part of our mission as journalists. It’s a tradition we’ve honored since our founding.

The Republic has endorsed candidates for more than 120 years because we believe our choices can inform readers and spur community debate.

Let’s make this clear: We’re not telling you how to vote. We respect the sanctity of your decision, based on your beliefs, research and contemplation.

But at the same time, we know you’re busy. You may not have the time to meet the candidates, to hear them speak, to cull their election literature and research their records.

We do that. We follow the races closely. We talk to the campaigns and candidates. We research their records and explain why we think a certain candidate deserves your vote.

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Here’s how it works:

The editorial board – and only the editorial board – makes the endorsements. No news reporters or editors are involved in the decision-making process. The news reporters don’t even know of our endorsements until they are published.

Members of the editorial board cull relevant information about the candidates. In many cases, we meet with candidates to ask questions about their records and platforms.

Then the board meets to discuss who best reflects our positions on the issues, about who would be the best candidate to represent constituents.

We don’t always agree with every position our favored candidate takes. But we believe this candidate is the best to move the city, state or nation forward.

An editorial writer is chosen to write the explanation once the board makes its decision.

You might find after reading our endorsements that you like the other candidates better. And that’s fine. Our goal simply is to parse the issues and tell you who we think would best address them based on research, interviews and analysis.

If we can make readers think critically about the issues and help them vote with confidence, we’ve done our job.


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