It’s No Mystery Why Trump’s Accusers Waited to Come Forward

It takes an enormous amount of energy to fight abuse and more often than not its not worth the battle, every women knows this and if she doesn’t her friends tell her it isn’t. I attended a human resources training session around 1998 where they told the staff something like, it takes 6 years for a claim of abuse to be resolved and go through the process. I was shocked to hear that. So when women do come forward, we must believe them. Click here to read the full article or an excerpt below to learn more.


Reasonable women get assaulted every day and make the perfectly rational decision that it isn’t in their best interest to do anything about it. They do so because they don’t expect they will be believed, or that their assault will be taken seriously, or because they want to move on from the experience more than they want to hold their batterers accountable.

Times are changing. Predatory men can’t expect to get away with treating women as their property like they once could – as Donald Trump is quickly finding out.



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