What did you do in school today? Teaching Effectiveness: A Framework and Rubric

Interesting article. Is this the way forward for public education? I wanted to learn more when I read “2016 Canadian Innovators in Education Award Winners: A Clean Sweep for B.C. School Districts” and especially when Fine Arts eCademy – Comox Valley School District 71 won First Price: $25,000. Click here or the pdf file to learn more about the framework or read excerpts below.

“What began with such enthusiasm and hope around a century ago in the organization and imagining of schooling has simply worn out…” (Jardine, Clifford & Friesen, 2008, p. 14).

New paradigms of teaching and learning are pushing us toward “more generous and more realistic educational policy affecting how teachers are to function.” (Eisner, 1998, p.111)

“ …educating involves a passion to know that should engage us in a loving search for knowledge.” (Freire, 1998, p. 4)

“ Education is about relationships. They are the key to learning success. We, as educators, must know and respect our students and help them know and respect one another as fellow learners” (Fried, 2001, p. 49)

“…in a knowledgebuilding space, all ideas are regarded as constantly improvable through others’ ability to pose theories, build on contributions, ask questions, posit different theories, offer evidence from contrary perspectives, challenge interpretations. In order to learn to their full potential, individuals must develop and contribute ideas that are both shared and extended by others.” (Clifford, 2004, p. 7)



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