UBCM (Union of BC Municipalities): B45 Renewed Call for a National Housing Strategy

I need to move NOW not next year. I struggle to keep a roof over my children’s heads and food on the table. Thankfully a homeless housing advocate pays my hydro or we would be without power. I don’t smoke, drink, or do drugs. We live in a ground floor apartment with a peeping tom who is a known stalker with a quick, controlling temper and he is the building’s gardener. I have been unable to move for almost one year due to the lack of affordable housing in my community. My blinds have been closed ever since our gardener commented about the furniture in my son’s bedroom, told me it would be better if I wore a bathing suit, left a wheel barrow and lawn mower parked 24 hours a day in front of my living room window and dropped something off, twice, in the middle of the night. I have asked my housing advocate and the landlord to move without success because there isn’t anything available. Recently I just plastered all the windows in my apartment over with privacy paper. If you were a single mom, would you like to live here? I went from one abusive and controlling relationship with my husband to another abusive relationship with the provincial government. None of this is helping me heal emotionally. Click here to read all the resolutions or an excerpt below.


Conference decision:


Whereas the lack of affordable housing and the incidence of homelessness is a growing and complex problem affecting all British Columbian and Canadian communities;

And whereas an incomplete continuum of housing options negatively impacts individual and family well-being, local economic growth and sustainable, complete community development:

Therefore be it resolved that UBCM urge the federal government to expedite the development of a national housing strategy.

Endorsed by the Lower Mainland Local Government Association

UBCM Resolutions Committee recommendation: Endorse

UBCM Resolutions Committee comments:

The Resolutions Committee notes that the UBCM membership has consistently endorsed resolutions calling on the federal government to develop and implement a national housing strategy (2015-B46, 2014-B46, 2013-B54, 2009- C28, 2008-A3, 2007-B58, 1999-A22).

The 2016 Federal Budget highlights the Government’s intention to develop a National Housing Strategy: “the Government will consult with provinces and territories, Indigenous and other communities, and key stakeholders in the coming year to develop a National Housing Strategy”. The Mandate Letter for the federal Minister of Infrastructure and Communities also indicates as a top priority the need to work with the Minister of Families, Children and Social Development to create a housing strategy “to re-establish the federal government’s role in supporting affordable housing”.

See also resolutions B63, B135 and C17.



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