Calgary Board of Education (CBE): Parents pay fees for their students

Click here or the pdf file for the source of the document or read an excerpt below. Calgary Board of Education fees charged to parents increased 48% from $21.136 million in 2012-13 to $31.440 million in 2014-15 year. There are 116,900 students in 227 schools which works out to each student paying $270 for the 2014-15 year. One single mom is paying $1,300 for her two sons to attend elementary school in Calgary. Not every school district in Alberta is charging school fees.  Seems like the Alberta government is holding parents hostage with their children and charging them fees to provide a Line of Credit to manage the governments costs. This isn’t what it was like when I was a student. This is public education! I thought it was suppose to be free or at least paid by our taxes! Feels like this is where BC is headed?




To Parents

The cost of fee-related programs includes the cost of providing the service, materials, staff resources as well as amounts for those who require waivers and those who do not pay.

Fees are set to cover the difference between total costs less provincial revenue (if any). The CBE actively collects on the accounts that are not paid.

The majority of parents pay fees for their students. The chart below provides a three year view on the amount and percentage of total central fees assessed that were paid, waived or remain uncollected.

Fast facts

 More than 116,900 students in 227 schools, including:

 111,717 students between pre-kindergarten and Grade 12

 824 students in full day kindergarten in 15 schools

 611 students fully enrolled in CBe-learn, our online learning program, with 2,252 more registered in courses with CBe-learn while enrolled at another school

 2,327 students upgrading high school and pursuing continuing education through Chinook Learning Services

 almost 24 per cent of CBE students self-identified as English language learners

 17,590 students with identified special education needs, the majority of whom are learning in their community schools

 Close to 4,300 students self-identified as First Nations, Metis and Inuit

 over 8,400 students in French immersion

 close to 4,500 students in bilingual language and culture programs


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