LearnNowBC Collaborate

I learned about this software years ago when I was invited as a DPAC (District Parent Advisory Council) representative to attend a distributed learning PAC (Parent Advisory Council) meeting at NIDES (North Island Distance Education) in SD71. I wondered why I hadn’t heard about the software before …. well, over the years it has been under-advertised and therefore under utilized. Sadly a lot of services were cut last July but not Collaborate.

Some DPACs use Collaborate at every meeting and have for many years to include more parents. Users say it typically helps about 3-5 parents at each DPAC meeting but it is invaluable for committee meetings where already busy parents may be spread out over vast distances or communities to work on revisions to the Constitution & Bylaws as an example.

Click here to learn about other district educational opportunities or get connected using Collaborate.



Users of Collaborate say “it is a far better tool when all are online, or most are online. When you broadcast the meeting, if you don’t have good equipment (about $300 worth), the people at home miss a lot. If you are all online, and one person is on the phone (via land line, smart phone, or computer), then everyone has the same quality of sound.”

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