SD 20 to drop bus fees, refund monies already paid

Yes! But its no guarantee that families won’t have to pay bus fees in the future, more funding is needed from the provincial government. Last May, SD20 approved “$200 per child, per year, capping at $500 for three or more children” for riding the school bus. Click on the links to read the full article or an excerpt below or learn more about recent history of education in Rossland.


The School District 20 has eliminated the controversial student busing fees slated to be implemented this school year, after finding out they’ll be elligible for a roughly $243,000 grant earmarked for transportation services.

He said that, last time he checked, more than 1,100 parents had paid some or all of the fees – and they will all be reimbursed. He added roughly 1,800 student district-wide would have been subject to the fees prior to this development.

What won’t change is the district’s issuing of chip-enhanced bus passes for all the kids using district transportation, cards that kids will swipe when they get on and off the bus. Students will still be getting the brand-new cards, which will offer both staffing and safety enhancements, Kinakin said.

He said they’ll be better able to track usage and gather long-term data to assist in planning … but also to better protect kids.

“Sometimes, a student will get on the wrong bus or get off at the wrong stop,” he said. “Then everyone freaks out when their bus arrives and they’re not on it – and rightly so. This way, we’ll be able to track all the kids (in our care) and keep everyone safe.”


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