Adjusted savings: education expenditure (% of GNI or Gross National Income)

The amount of money countries are spending on education has dramatically changed over the years and its having an enormous impact on today’s youth.

“Education expenditure refers to the current operating expenditures in education, including wages and salaries and excluding capital investments in buildings and equipment.” Click here to choose countries you would like to compare the GNI each country has invested on education from 1970 to 2014; I chose United States, Canada, Finland, France, Brazil, and Cuba. Why is it that some countries are able to do sooooooo much more for their students such as serve them healthy lunches?

Country 1970 2014
World 5.1 4.19
Canada 7.3 4.9
Finland 4.9 6.8
United States 7.5 5
France 2.9 5
Brazil 3.6 5.5
Cuba 6.45 13.01

In 1970 the world averaged 5.1 GNI compared to 4.19 in 2014, and Canada’s went from 7.3 to 4.9. Click here to see the world graph with the trend for each country below the graph.



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