Canada’s new passport requirements come into effect this month

Its about bloody time but it has huge gaps! This has been a major gap for spouses trying to serve court documents on spouses with dual citizenship who avoid Canadian law by fleeing the country. I tried very hard to get assistance from the Federal Conservatives and the Provincial Liberals at the time. I was left financially destitute because this wasn’t in place including investments at a bank that my husband was able to cash claiming financial hardship while the banks were foreclosing and evicting the children and me from our family home. For those that don’t know, my husband was trying to internationally abduct our Canadian children to Iran. My husband was a refugee from Iran who spent 3 years in an Iranian jail being tortured and renewed his citizenship with Iran in order to avoid Canadian law.

My husband wouldn`t think twice of avoiding the requirement to produce a Canadian passport by flying to the USA and driving up to Canada. This is a major gap that needs to change immediately. Click here to read the full article or an excerpt below.


Canadians with dual citizenship will need to carry a valid Canadian passport to enter the country when travelling by air.

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