Public Transit: A comparison and room for improvement

It took me awhile to get used to taking the bus near my home. Over the months I learned a lot of things such as: telling the driver I wanted to transfer to a different bus so he could notify the other driver to let him know a passenger wanted to board his bus. Until I knew this, I would spend hours waiting for my next bus because I had missed the transfer connection through no fault of my own. I thought it was intuitive that buses should meet together at hubs to allow riders to easily transfer to different buses and routes. Riders should be able to purchase bus tickets enroute and in the evening. Where I live, they are only sold at city hall which closes at 5pm. I also have to use a ticket to purchase more tickets because city hall isn’t on one of my bus routes. I think public transit passes and tickets should be sold at libraries which are usually open later than 5pm.  Calgary Transit and Banff Roam Transit both offer Real-Time Services where riders can learn where, enroute, their bus is. Is asking the 3rd rider with a bike to wait for the next bus, because the public transit system has a limit of 2 bikes per bus, good sustainable practices? Could we recycle plastic into a reusable transit card rather than paper tickets? Or how much more could we get done if we could travel by train at 574 km/h (357 mph) or our bus route started before 6:15am as the train does in Paris which starts at 2:56am? Click on the links or read the excerpts below to see if public transit system in your community could improve.



The bus schedule near my home basically travels once per hour from Comox Mall starting at 6:15am and ending at 6:26pm.


In Calgary you can use these apps to find out when a bus will be at a stop in REAL-TIME. I lived in Calgary in 1988 when Real-Time bus information was implemented in order to prevent traffic bottlenecks during the Olympics.
You can call Teleride to find out when your bus is going to be at your stop in real time! The easy to use phone menu will guide you through to get you current bus times, future bus times and general transit information.”
Get real time bus schedules on the go with Teletext. This service is offered at no cost but standard message/data rates may apply.”
Calgary Transit App
Trip planning, looking up schedules and real-time bus arrivals on the go just got easier! Available today for IOS or Android. is our very own Calgary Transit App – Powered by Transit App. The new app lets you look up nearby stops, look up schedules, route maps and trip plan from one screen.”


What is a Smart Card?
A Roam Smart Card is a plastic reusable card used to store Roam transit pass credits. Your Smart Card can be loaded with either pre-paid rides (in multiples of 10) or as a time-based pass. If you select pre-paid rides, your card will be loaded with 10 rides. If you select a time-based pass, your card will be loaded with 30-day increments.
Bikes on Buses
There is no additional cost to take your bike on a bus. It’s free!
• Maximum of two or three bikes on the bike rack depending on
which bus.
• Bike rack space is based on first come first serve basis.
• If the outside rack is full, 2 or 3 bikes may be permitted inside the
bus at the driver’s discretion based on space availability.
Passengers without bicycles will take priority for inside loading.
• IMPORTANT – As space becomes available on exterior bike racks,
any bikes inside the bus MUST be moved onto available bike rack
space(s) as soon as possible as requested by the bus operator.
Click on “Select Routes” on the left to choose the route you want to see and where the bus is right now.
We encourage you to use this technology so that you can plan your next Roam transit trip while you stay warm and comfortable. You can easily learn exactly when to expect the next bus so you can get to the bus right on time.”

Track Your Bus

“This route has the particularity to have hosted the record breaking high speed train – 574 km/h (357 mph).”
“The average travel time between Mannheim and Paris is 4h59 minutes. The quickest route is 3h09 minutes. The first train leaving Mannheim is at 02:56, the last at 19:41. There is an average of 27 trains a day between Mannheim and Paris, leaving approximately every 42 minutes.”

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