10 Steps Toward an Incredible Edible Town

Get on board! This is the foundation for community and creating our own villages. Click here to learn more or read an excerpt below. Be sure to watch the video at the bottom of the article!



Groups around the world are now creating edible towns, edible campuses, even an Edible Bus Stop. If you’re not sure how to start, find one of them and ask how they did it. And if you run into opposition, take the advice of Todmorden’s Nick Green: “Smother your enemies with love.”
In Todmorden, they have a motto: If you eat, you’re in.
You’d be amazed how much difference a ‘Help Yourself’ sign can make. Neighbors talk to each other. Vegetables planted in unloved public places start conversations about how a town can look better. When the police station is surrounded by corn or beetroot, people chat to the cops again.
There’s much more to the Incredible Edible ethos than community growing. It’s about rethinking the way we do food and creating more resilient and capable places, producing what we can ourselves to minimize waste and our dependency on industrial-scale food production and retailing.

Incredible Edible is all about building local resilience, but it isn’t anti-business. Alongside community and learning, the third key strand of Incredible Edible is enterprise. In Todmorden, there’s a cheesemaker and a rare breed pig farmer who are now succeeding because of Incredible Edible. There are new opportunities for market traders. There’s a social enterprise, Incredible Farm, which is selling fruit trees and salads and providing classes and workshops for young people.

There are business effects you might not have expected, too. The arrival of ‘vegetable tourists’ from around the world is providing customers for hotels and guest houses, restaurants and bars.


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