Olympian Ice Dancer, Paul Duchesnay, has Rollerblading Accident

I hope this post will encourage everyone to wear a helmet. Sometimes, children think parents just make these stories up but here is one that I had to dig hard to find. In 1990, Isabelle and Paul Duchesnay of France won the Free Dance by earning five 6.0s (perfect score) at the World Figure Skating Championships in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Watch their performance in the video below. The accident ended their days as professional ice dancers. Paul “suffered a concussion, was unconscious for six hours, fractured his cheekbone in 7 places and required 30 stitches in his eyebrow. His face was swollen beyond recognition and he had his face reconstructed.” Click here to learn more or read an excerpt below.



Date: Wed, 26 Jun 1996 00:43:24 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Paul Duchesnay Accident

The Toronto Globe and Mail reported today that Paul Duchesnay had a very bad
rollerblading accident on June 3rd.  He hit a reflector embedded in pavement
while skating in Quebec.  He had been speeding downhill at about 50 km/h. at
the time and landed in a roadway.

According to sister Isabelle, he was lying in a pool of blood and was nearly
killed.  He  suffered a concussion, was unconcious for six hours, fractured
his cheekbone in 7 places and required 30 stitches in his eyebrow.  His face
was swollen beyond recognitiion and he had his face reconstructed in an
operation on June 4th.

Amazingly, they predict he will return to the ice in a few weeks.

Date: Wed, 26 Jun 1996 07:17:19 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Re: Paul Duchesnay Accident

A few more details —

The article said Paul will look the same because of having a very competent
surgeon.  At present, though, he has to be very careful to protect his face
until it heals fully, and so he and Isabelle have put on hold their work as
choreographers for some Canadian ice dancers.

It said their career has been on hold for much of the last year because of
Paul also having a back injury — during TOC in Anchorage last year, he
heard something click in his back while lifting Isabelle, was flown home and
had a shattered disc removed.

At any rate, Isabelle said that after his rollerblading accident, doctors
have called him “the luckiest man in the world” in that he could have broken
his neck. Apparently, cars were coming at him “full-tilt” in the road that
he landed on, and his friend was able to stop them.

I don’t know where to send a card — CFSA, maybe?  Sounds like he could use
one.  They operated thru the inside of his mouth and he has had 40 stitches
inside it.


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