Recreation and School District Low Income Cut-Offs (LICO)

Individuals can apply for financial assistance when their LICO rates fall below a certain level which is different for each school district, community, town, city, and regional district. Refer to the Low Income Cut-Offs (1992 base) Before Tax Rates from 1992 – 2016 or the Low Income Cut-Offs (1992 base) After Tax Rates from 1992 – 2016 or here to learn more. Most organizations use the Before Tax tables but one, shown below, uses the After Tax tables. Did they make a mistake and if so, how many other organizations have made the same mistake? Forward the documents referring to the LICO rates in your area and I will add them to this post.

pdf Comox Valley Regional District, 2016 PLAY Application, LICO 2014 Before Tax Rates

pdf Courtenay Recreation, 2016 Access Program, LICO 2013 Before Tax Rates

pdf Town of comox, 2016 TRIP Application, LICO 2015 After Tax Rates

pdf BC Student Aid – Table 10: Income Thresholds for Canada Student Grants, LICO 2013 Before Tax Rates (note there are differences in the LICO rates on the BC student aid app the LICO rates but they are very close so I figure they’ve applied an algorhythm)

pdf SD20 Kootenay, LICO 2011 Before Tax Rates

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