University tuition fees, 2015/2016

Most university degrees take 3 or 4 years so students without wealthy parents may have to take out loans and graduate in debt upwards of $18,573 for a 3 year, or $24,764 for a 4 year degree. Graduates may have to move to find work which puts enormous pressure on the well being of families. Click here to learn more or read an excerpt below.


… On average, undergraduate students paid $6,191 in tuition fees in 2015/2016 compared with $5,998 a year earlier. …

Note to readers

…The masters of business administration programs have been excluded from the national and provincial weighted averages to eliminate the effect of the high cost of these programs on the overall tuition fee average. Dental, medical and veterinary residency programs offered in teaching hospitals and similar locations that may lead to advanced professional certification have also been excluded. …

Canadian undergraduates in dentistry, medicine, pharmacy and law continue to pay the highest average tuition fees

As in previous years, undergraduate students in dentistry ($18,934) paid the highest average tuition fees in 2015/2016. They were followed by students in medicine ($13,416), pharmacy ($11,723) and law ($10,983). These four programs recorded some of the highest percentage tuition fee increases: dentistry (+4.5%), pharmacy (+4.0%), law (+4.0%) and medicine (+3.3%).

All undergraduate programs posted increases, ranging from 2.2% in education and nursing to 5.0% in engineering.


bar clustered chart&8211;Chart1,


Weighted average undergraduate tuition fees for Canadian full-time students, by province, 2015/2016
Canada 6,191
Newfoundland and Labrador 2,660
Prince Edward Island 6,119
Nova Scotia 6,817
New Brunswick 6,353
Quebec 2,799
Ontario 7,868
Manitoba 3,930
Saskatchewan 6,885
Alberta 5,738
British Columbia 5,305

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