Income Advantage for University Graduates

Another report that confirms gender financial inequality continues. Women remain at risk and financial disadvantage due to the fact we have children. I was laid off the day I returned to work from Maternity Leave when my first child was born and did not qualify for EI because I didn’t have enough hours. Click here to read the full article or an excerpt below.


Although the income advantage of graduating from university is higher for women, actual income levels are significantly higher for men in all provinces, except Prince Edward Island. Women’s much lower incomes for high-school graduates are largely responsible for their increased advantage for a university education.

There are many reasons for the persistent gender gap—some are individual, others societal. They include the choices individuals make around major fields of study (for example, arts and humanities or business, math, or engineering), what programs are offered at colleges and universities, occupational choices, wage differences across major fields of study and occupations, labour force status, equity issues, and even broader social and economic policies.


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