Facebook Bots, What are

Lately I’ve been getting more and more Facebook Friend requests from people that I’ve never heard of. I don’t mind meeting new Friends but I want to be sure we have similar values or interests. So my Friend and I started to compare strategies to weed out Bots and he had some great suggestions. This is what he suggested:

  • How many entries do they have on their Timeline? Bots usually don’t have too many.
  • Do they have Posts on their timeline that interest you? Or is it just a bunch of pictures of nondescript things?
  • How old is their Facebook account? If it is new and you don’t know them, why do they want to be your Friend?
  • Have their Friends made a lot of Comments on their Profile?
  • What is their background photo? A lot of times it will be a picture of a bridge, or a city at night, or just plain black?

Usually the above is enough for me to determine they are a Bot and I don’t accept their Friend request.

Its more complicated when we have we have “Mutual Friends”. Some “Mutual Friends’ are more prone to Bots than others. When this happens, this is what my Friend does:






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