FMEP Family Maintenance Enforcement Program – Health and Safety Concerns

Because my husband tried for years to internationally abduct my children to Iran, I do not want to risk contacting him for any reason. This means I receive the basic Social Services amount of $1,050/month for a single mom with 2 children. Click here to learn more about the FMEP program or here for the information below.


Health and Safety Concerns

Effective: September 1, 2015

When an applicant is fleeing abuse, or is in the process of formally separating from an abusive spouse/family member, contact with the applicant’s spouse/family member for information about the applicant should be suspended by the ministry if it is likely to raise a health or safety concern.  The health and safety of clients takes precedence over pursuit of payments, information, or proof of identity and income that the abusive spouse/relative may possess.

  • When there are health and safety concerns due to disclosed or identified abuse, staff must ensure they are following appropriate procedures and policies pertaining to:Family Maintenance Services
  • Sponsorship Undertakings

[For more information regarding family maintenance services, see Related Links – Family Maintenance Services]

Sponsorship Undertaking Default

Where there is a possibility of any health and/or safety concerns, no contact is to be made with the sponsor, including by letter.  Income assistance or disability assistance may be issued if all other eligibility criteria are met. [see Related Links – Sponsorship Undertaking Default]


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