Islamic Republic of Iran – Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Department of Nationality, Refugees and Immigrants

My husband was a refugee from Iran. When I married him, I thought refugees would never be able to go home… boy was I wrong. He returned to Iran about 8 times after renewing his citizenship. I remember being terrified that he would be thrown in jail and we would never see him again. I hoped that returning home would help him deal with his homesickness. Instead our relationship just got worse as time passed until he started enticing our children to move to Iran with grandiose statements. He tried everything to get us to travel to Iran or outside of Canada. During this time, he got more and more abusive towards our children and me. I wanted to leave but I feared he would leave Canada and take our children. He told me that when he fled Iran, his family had to forfeit property to the government for his actions. Wow…. I don’t think Trudeau or any other country dealing with internationally abducted children in Iran are going to have any leverage for their return because to be fair to Iran they have officially stated what their terms are for these children to return to their home countries. If a country is successful, it will be through some major negotiation and probably some sort of exchange of favours. Click here or on the pdf file to learn more or read an excerpt below.

  1. Prosccessing all the applications for abandoning the nationality of the Government of the Islamic Republic of Iran; It is worthy of mentioning that the Iranian nationals are not permitted to leave their nationality unless under the following conditions : having reached complete 25 years of age; the Council of Ministers has authorized their abandoning of nationality; committing in advance that within one year from the date of abandoning the nationality will transfer their entire rights to the properties that are in their possession in Iran 0r might come in their possession according to the laws of heritage , although the Iranian laws might permit their possession by foreign nationals, in one way 0r another to Iranian nationals . The spouse and children of the person, who according to this Article is abandoning the nationality, whether minor 0r mature, will not lose their nationality other than that such has been authorized in the permit issued by the Council of Ministers and they have completed their military service.

6. Processing all the cases of restoring the original nationality of those foreign women who have acquired Iranian nationality through marriage and after the death 0r divorce apply for the restoration their original nationality. The foreign women, who according to the paragraph 6 of the article 976 of the Iranian civil law have been granted Iranian nationality through marriage with Iranian nationals, after divorce 0r the death of their Iranian husband may apply for restoration of their original nationality if they wish so. In such cases after receiving the relevant authorization from the respective government, they submit the filled application form to restore the original nationality to the Department of Nationality, Refugees and Immigrants. However it should be mentioned that in the `case of the death of husband if the woman has children less than 18 years of age, cannot apply for the restoration of the original nationality as long as the children have not reached the legal age.

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