Associating elbowgate with violence against women is an insult to victims

My oldest child asked me why the Whip in Elbowgate didn’t just go around the gaggle of NDP’ers who were blocking one side of the common area in the House of Commons? I told her they were trying to block him from getting to his seat so the house couldn’t vote and he sat right beside where they were standing. So…. I watched the videos again to see exactly where the Whip sat. My daughter was right! He could have easily gone around everyone to his seat. The other thing I want you to watch in the video is how the “victim” had her hands in her pockets just before she was “assaulted.” She spoke with Tom Mulcair afterwards, before calmly walking out and reaching for her phone “to recover her composure”. Was the Whip part of the act? Near the end of the video, you can see the Whip motioning the Conservatives to remain seated. Click here to learn what Whips do. Were the NDP’s duped in a Conservative plot that ultimately backfired on them with the subsequent public opinion backlash? Click here to watch one video and read the full analysis of events and another video below to see the minute by minute roles everyone played in the Elbowgate drama. Hmmmmm….





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