Iran will not force refugees to return home

I know many individuals both refugees and Iranian citizens who have returned to Iran  for months and to live. My husband returned to Iran to live there and avoid acknowledging Canadian law and financial responsibility for his children. My husband was a refugee who fled Iran around 1989 and moved to Canada. It took a few months for him to obtain all the necessary documents to prove his citizenship and information to payout his army service. The young, I’m not sure if women have to, men have to volunteer for the Iranian Army for a few years. Click here to learn more or read an excerpt below.


The Foreign Ministry says it will give citizens returning a letter allowing them to return to Iran but not provide them with financial assistance to help pay their expenses, including the money to buy the return ticket.

“Those who advertised for them to go should give them money to come back.”

West Is to Blame

Zarif pointed the finger of blame at Australia and other western governments for creating the environment that saw people drawn to their countries.
He said he had told the Australian government and others they had to be careful when they made statements about Iran.

“Iran is the only country in the region that has serious elections, probably with the exception of Turkey.”

A lot had been said about human rights situation in Iran and Zarif said he did not argue there was no room for improvement.
“But people here in the West created an image of Iran—we are the only country in the region that has elections and we are the only country in the region that has a special rapporteur on human rights. Isn’t that a contradiction?”

Zarif noted that this seriously questions the credibility of the United Nation’s human rights machinery.

“This is the price you will have to pay. You advertised that Iran violated human rights. So you get people who want to take refuge in other societies from our [alleged] human rights abuses. So what are you complaining about? Isn’t that a genuine question to be asked?”

Australia is pressing for a deal that would see hundreds of asylum seekers who have had their claims rejected sent back to Iran amid reports Australia will secure guarantees that returned asylum seekers would not face any punishment.



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