New $52 monthly fee introduced for disabled people with BC Bus Pass

Hmmmm 50,000 persons used to receive a subsidized bus pass. This will now cost them $52/month and bring in $2,600,000 to the BC provincial Liberal government. Click here to read the full article or an excerpt below.


Image: R.A. Paterson / Flickr


Beginning on September 1, there will be an additional $52 monthly fee for people with Person with Disabilities (PWD) designation to hold the B.C. Bus Pass. This is in addition to the existing $45 annual administration fee.

Currently, the government provides approximately half of 100,000 people with PWD designation with a subsidized bus pass that costs taxpayers $52 per month or a special transportation subsidy of $66 per month.

“There is an inequity in the current system, and this change will bring fairness to the ministry’s transportation supports,” reads a press release. “The rest, particularly those living in smaller communities, receive no transportation support at all.”


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