Everyone needs to have a mentor that will foster individuals with leadership skills like Lizanne Foster. Click here to read an ode to her mentor …Mr Rollin Gulston, Retired Principal, Umbilo Road Secondary, Durban, South Africa.


You turned a school that was seen as a dumping ground for difficult students into a place they would rather be because you always treated all students as though they mattered.

I learned so much from you and I will always be grateful for the space you gave me to develop  my inchoate  ideas about teaching.  When I met you when I was 23, I could not have articulated what it was I was trying to do in my classroom and in the school at the time. I just knew what I did not want: for my students to experience the same kind of alienation I had when I was a student.

Now I know that what I was trying to do then  was to create in my classroom a space that was socially inviting, emotionally safe and intellectually stimulating. A space where students would want to be.

Thank you for being there for me at the start of this decades-long journey.

With love,


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