SD71 Comox Valley District Parent Advisory Council – Parent Orientation Package

Click here or download the pdf file to learn more.


BCCPAC pg 5.jpg


District Parent Advisory Council (DPAC) is made up of mostly parents – one or two PAC reps from each and all schools – as well, a Trustee, a CDTA Rep, our Superintendent, and other educational partners may be in attendance. Each year, your school PAC elects a member or two to attend the District Parent Advisory Committee (DPAC) (however, there is only 1 vote allowed per school). DPACs give parents a broader view of district issues, and provide input into and a link between parents and the public education system at the school district level. Like Parent Advisory Councils, DPACs are often members of the British Columbia Confederation of Parent Advisory Councils (BCCPAC).

DPAC’s purpose is to serve as the legislated parent voice at the school district level, representing the collective views of PACs in a school district. PACs, through their DPAC Reps, bring their school’s issues to the DPAC table. DPAC Reps bring these issues to the attention of the Board of Education. However, DPAC Reps also contribute to and participate in education in many other proactive ways:

1. DPACs have seats on district wide committees; for example, the District Leadership and Policy Committee (DLAP committee is group of educational partners who review and co-create district wide policies and make recommendations to the Board of Education) DPAC has one representative on this committee each year. All current policies are posted on the school district website.

2. DPAC parents participate on other Ad Hoc committees, such as Earthquake Preparedness Committee, Lice Committee, Achievement Contract development, and the upcoming “Round table” committee, etc. Any DPAC parent can volunteer to participate in these district wide committees.

3. DPAC sponsors Parent Education events and guest speakers, such as the BC Educational Leadership Conference – Parent Leadership series (BCELC). As well, there are at least 3 out of town educational or leadership conferences per year that DPAC (or PAC) parents may participate in. They are always very interesting!

How to participate in DPAC? Each year, your PAC will elect one or two DPAC reps whose task is to attend the DPAC meetings and be a liaison between your school and DPAC. Put your name forward or have a parent nominate you for DPAC Rep at your first PAC meeting. The DPAC Executive welcomes any new members every year and at any time during the year.

Take the lead! As per our Constitution, Executive elections for DPAC are held each year for Chair, Vice Chair, Treasurer, Secretary, etc. DPAC meets one evening per month. See the District Website (above) for meeting times and places. The DPAC meetings will be posted on website or you may email for more info.




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