When 1 person works on a solution you get 1 idea compared to 100 people working on a solution you get 100 different solutions. The same thing happens when only 6 corporations control the news media compared to the 50 corporations in 1983 where now the news is much less informative, fewer viewpoints and solutions that work for less people. News media is struggling and this is another threat to its survival and democracy. Click here to read the full article.


The first role of journalism is to monitor power.
—Amira Hass, correspondent for the Israeli newspaper Haaretz


A free press is the canary in the coalmine of democracy. When leaders infringe on journalists’ ability to investigate and report information, a free society suffocates.   —Filmmaker Cal Skaggs


There has to be an independent voice. If there's no independent voice then what you'll have is no democracy. 
––Hanna Foullah, Radio Democracy, Sierra Leone


DEMOCRACY ON DEADLINE: The Global Struggle for an Independent Press follows teams of journalists into some of the most dangerous and secretive corners of the world to show how they obtain their stories in the face of suppression, lies, imprisonment and threat of physical harm. To highlight the central role a free press plays in building and preserving democracy, Producer/Director Cal Skaggs and his team combed through two hundred hours of footage to create this dynamic portrayal of independent-minded journalists.


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