Chronic Underfunding of BC public schools

I don’t know about you but I think something must be wrong when I compare Chart 3 found on page 131 in the provincial report titled Province of British Columbia Public Accounts 2014/15 compared to the rising costs shown below for CPP, EI, MSP, Extended Health, Dental Health, and WCB reported in our school district. I know at my home, all our costs have gone up so how the costs haven’t gone up for the province for education is beyond me unless they are providing both the budget and actual numbers on the same day.

Then there is the matter of Funding Protection which I find impossible to understand. The province keeps districts guessing as to what funds they will receive from year to year. What will school districts do if the province doesn’t renew Funding Protection? Close more schools or start charging families to send their children to school?  Refer to pages 36 and 37 in the provincial report above.

  1. Funding Protection is under review and is confirmed for only the 2015/16 school year. Approx 27 school districts are in FP $37.5million.
  2. Assume the Funding Protection grant will be maintained. How will the Ministry calculate Funding Protection grant with respect to Salary increases grant?

What about other downloaded costs? … The BC Association of School Business Officials estimates school districts will face $192.7 million in cost pressures in 2014–15 (based on a provincial cumulative total for the years 2012–13 to 2014–15). Click here for more information.

School districts coffers are empty based on the letters these districts and entities wrote to the BC Minister of Education (MOE) The Honourable Peter Fassbender, BC Minister of Finance The Honourable Michael de Jong Q.C., and the Premier of British Columbia The Honourable Christy Clark regarding their unhappiness of the provincial budget announcement in 2015 informing them they must find a total of $29 million in administrative cuts in the next school year’s budget and an additional $25 million in the following year, and that these cuts must be sustained for future years. This totals a cumulative removal of $137 million from public education over the next three years. Click here to read their letters and efforts to save money in their districts.

5 – Southeast Kootenay,
19 – Revelstoke,
23 – Central Okanagan,
39 – Vancouver,
46 – Sunshine Coast,
57 – Prince George,
62 – Sooke,
63 – Saanich,
67 – Okanagan Skaha,
68 – Nanaimo-Ladysmith,
69 – Qualicum,
70 – Alberni,
71 – Comox Valley,
72 – Campbell river,
BC School Trustee’s Association (BCSTA), and
Vancouver Island School Trustee Association (VISTA)

Private education is taking over our district since 2008 with 75 students to 272 students in 2014/15 school year  with lofty goals of 726 students, according to published reports.

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Change in provincial debt page 130 chart


Page 25 CPP


Page 26 EI


Page 27 MSP


Page 28 Extended Health


Page 29 Dental Health


Page 30 WCB



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