Independent School – Private School Growth Trend in the Comox Valley

Originally created on Dec 26, 2015 with info for Gaglardi, Saltwater, Beachcombers. Inglis info added Feb 25, 2016. In SD71, private education has grown from 75 students in 2008, 272 students at the end of 2015 and is expected to grow to 726 students according to published documentation. Closing schools is risky because private schools will just pull more students out of the district as they have in the past. Families who enroll their children in private schools have a “Tuition Tax Benefit A portion of tuition from January to December may be classified as a charitable donation and used as a deduction on your personal income tax return.” Click on the pdf file or on this map for all the school closures in BC.

Year Gaglardi Saltwater Beachcombers Inglis Total
2008 75   75
2009/10 94   94
2010/11 118 27   143
2011/12 115 16 30   161
2012/13 97 32 30   159
2013/14 144 40 35   219
2014/15 180 59 33   272
Goal 400 144 110 72 726


Comox Valley Christian School now called Gaglardi Academy

1475 Noel Ave, Comox

– Gaglardi operates in old Brooklyn school closed in 2008

Mar 27, 2008: The church, which has run the school since late last year, plans to oversee the building of a new $7 million school that will handle as many as 400 students. There are currently about 75 students enrolled.

2016: Parents learn from school principal, school is looking for more space as student population is increasing and they need more room.

Saltwater Waldorf School

2311 Rosewall Cres, Courtenay

No date shown: In 2016-17, our sixth year of operation, we will offer Preschool, Kindergarten and Grades 1 – 8.

Beachcombers Community School

360 Stelling Rd, Fanny Bay

– Beachcombers operates in Union Bay closed in 2006

Aug 21, 2013: Beachcombers offers preschool to Grade 8 and follows the Montessori model of mix-age classes. Small class sizes, from 12 to 16 students per class, ensure that students receive individualized attention and quality education.

Inglis Academy – Potential Private School

239 Puntledge Road, Courtenay

Feb 26, 2016: Many parents and community members have encouraged Inglis to go beyond tutoring, and we are now entertaining the idea of expanding our facility to support a small private school (maximum of 72 students) in the City of Courtenay. … Throughout the past 6 years of operating Inglis, staffing skilled and passionate teachers has always been of great importance.


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